1. What does Maujh mean?
    Maujh means joy in Hindi. To us, it stands for the the joy of self-expression; the joy of dressing up the joy of living life on your own terms - which we like to call the Maujh Way of Life.

  2. Are Maujh bands only for Apple Watches?
    Yes, recently launched, Maujh bands are designed specially for Apple Watches®.

  3. Will this fit my Apple Watch? Which model of Apple Watch® do they fit
    Maujh bands fit all Series 3 or newer watches.
    Maujh bands fit 38mm, 40mm, 41mm cases (smaller dials/faces).

  4. What if I have the 42mm face or Apple Watch® Ultra?
    We are currently taking custom orders for the 42mm and  Apple Watch® Ultra sizes. Please email us at hello@maujh.com or connect with us via the form on the Contact Us page.

  5. Will the Maujh bands fit my wrist? How to resize the watch band?
    Maujh bands are designed so that they can be easily customized to fit your wrist. No need for any special tools or visit to jewelry shop.
    Each Maujh band comes with 3 easily adjustable clasps that can be added to removed to size up or down. (See video here).
    PS: If you have a larger wrist please let us know in the notes section of your order and we will provide additional clasps so you can size up your bands for a comfortable fit.

  6. What are Maujh bands made of?
    Maujh bands are made with brass and are 22k gold, rhodium (higher than silver) or graphite plated. Hand enamel work. American diamonds/Cubic Zirconia.

  7. Are Maujh bands and products hypoallergenic?
    The bands are nickel free. (Nickel is the most common skin irritant).

  8. Will the bands and jewelry tarnish or fade?
    If kept away from moisture and chemicals they will a few years. Maujh bands are jewelry and need to be take care of as such. Maujh are plated - they will fade over time of with rough usage.

  9. How to care for my Maujh band?
    Maujh watch bands and straps are a handcrafted jewelry - and should be loved and cared for as you would any cherished handmade item. To ensure longevity avoid contact with moisture, perfume, makeup and chemicals.
    Please store your Maujh bands in the box provided, especially when traveling. Do not pack them with other jewelry or abrasive items to prevent scratches or breakage.

  10. Do Maujh bands fit Samsung, Fitbit, Garmin or any other watches?
    Maujh bands were designed specially for Apple Watches® and currently will not work with any other watch. We are considering expanding our offerings for other watches please sign-up for our email in the footer to be the first to know when we launch new designs and expand into other smart watches.

  11. Are Maujh bands made by Apple?
    Maujh, is a small, woman-owned business and is in no way associated with Apple Inc. We do not make or sell the Apple Watch®. Apple Watch® is a registered trademark on Apple Inc.

  12. Do you sell the Apple Watch® or iWatch?
    At Maujh we only make and sell watch bands. For the Apple Watch® itself please visit the Apple store or website directly.

    We would be delighted to work with you on wholesale and custom orders. Please email us at hello@maujh.com.